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Wet Panel Carrier

Wet Panel Carrier

Excluding Sales Tax

High quality handmade plein air wet panel carrier.  Made from lightweight, but durable select pine, these panel carriers enable you to carry 2 panels at a time which is light enough and thin enough to be carried in a backpack or tote.  

Features of these carriers are:
-Each include a nylon handle.
-The inner part of the cradle is cut at an angle to minimize contact with your wet panel.  
-Lightweight and durable.
-Accommodates multiple thicknesses of panels from 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch.  

A note regarding panel thickness.  If you are using 1/8th inch panels, which is my preference, it is safest if you tighten the set screw once the panel is seated to ensure the toggle doesn't open while being transported.  An 1/8th inch panel will have a little play, but with the toggles tighten will not fall out.  

If you want a custom size, please message me and I will see if I can accommodate!

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