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  I have a deep love for the outdoors and experiencing nature.  I experience nature not for what it is, but for how it makes me feel, the emotional reaction and connection.  This is what I am trying to capture in all of my work.  The moment of wonder and deep emotional reaction one can experience when exploring the natural world.  There are truths in these moments. 

  My work varies between loose, impressionistic oil paintings to vibrant non-representational abstracts.  I allow the subject, along with introspection, dictate how I represent each moment using a variety of styles, mediums and techniques.  Regardless of style, texture is a key component in all of my work.  The texture used in my work is directly tied to how I experience the subject I am exploring.  Sometimes, the texture is bold and aggressive or other times it is subtle brush strokes, regardless every detail of texture is used convey feeling and emotion to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  

36x36 | Title Ablution | Abstract
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